Air Conditioner Tune Up Special for $49.95 includes:

  • Inspection of coolant levels and pressure.
  • Proper cycles and temperatures are checked, and thermostat(s) are calibrated. 
  • Investigation of wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relays.
  • Thorough cleaning of evaporator coils.
  • Condensation drain is cleared of any potential buildup or clogs. 
  • Condenser cleaned to improve you A/C performance.
  • Outdoor disconnect is inspected. 
  • Condenser fan blades and motor are lubricated, if needed, and surveyed for efficiency.
  • Compressor amps and startup are checked in detail for any signs of deterioration.
  • The overall performance of your units usages is calculated, as well as safety measurements.
  • and much more..... (We use a 21 point checklist!)
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