The easiest way to determine if you are having an evaporator coil issue with your air conditioning system is to call Reliable Air Conditioning for professional evaporator coil inspection and repair services. If you do need to have your evaporator coil replaced we can deliver evaporator coil installation services quickly and efficiently, so you can back to feeling cool an comfortable.

What are the common issues with Evaporator Coils?

Your air conditioning system is comprised of many mechanical parts. One of the most important components of that system is your evaporator coils. An evaporator coil carries refrigerant and cools the air that is sent through your air conditioning system. Some of the common problems with evaporator coils are:

  • Frozen Coils - coils can become frozen for a number of reasons like low freon, freon leaks, or coils that are clogged with dust and debris preventing warm air from passing over the coils.
  • Dirty Coils - If evaporator coils are not cleaned consistently a build up can cause mechanical failures causing your air conditioning to perform poorly or stop working completely.
  • Older Unit - Evaporator coils are one of the first areas that your air conditioning will show signs of age and wear.