As the leading air conditioning replacement company in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Queen Creek we know there is only one right way to install an air conditioner. That is to use a Reliable Air Conditioning contractor that offers a free in home estimate to understand what is needed to improve your homes overall comfort. We will customize a home comfort system to accommodate all of your family's needs and concerns while ensuring that the new unit is properly sized by performing a proper load calculation.

Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioner

You rely on your air conditioner to provide relief from the hot Arizona summers. During the life of your air conditioner you may require small repairs and maintenance. However, if you are experiencing larger issues it may be time to upgrade your AC unit to more energy efficient one. Some indications of needing to replace your ac unit are:

  • Grinding noises coming from the system
  • Uneven cooling in your home
  • Unit runs all day and only catches up at night

How long does a central air conditioner last?

A typical air conditioning system works efficiently for about 10 years. Beyond that they begin to lose operating efficiency ultimately costing more to operate. This is the best time to install a new ac system because you will begin to see an increase in energy bills and likely need more frequent repairs. You can avoid higher utility bills and down time from ac failures that need repairs by installing a replacement air conditioning system from Reliable AIr Conditioning.

What are the benefits of a High-Efficiency Unit?

Just like any other type of technology, air conditioning units are constantly improving and becoming more efficient. Most of the units we install today are energy efficient or high-efficiency units which means they require less energy to operate. By installing a new unity you benefit from lower utility bills and better cooling capabilities.

How can we help?

Choosing the right AC Unit for your home or office is not as simple as it use to be. The industry standard use to determine air conditioner size by the square footage of your home. The result was a inefficient unit that many times would barely cool off your home. Today we use a calculation method that not only takes into consideration the square footage of your home but also factors such as wall type, ceiling height, type and number of windows, attic insulation, exterior door material, appliances and more. We take these calculations and formulas to help you find the perfectly matched heating and cooling system for your specific needs.