Geothermal heating and cooling systems use a series of pipes buried several feet into the ground to access the earth's internal temperature and uses that to heat and cool your home.

Benefits of a geothermal heating and cooling system:

  • Lower Operating Cost - a geothermal system can lower energy usage by up to 70% because geothermal delivers a 400% efficiency rating compared to al 94% efficiency of a new standard unit.
  • Quiet Operation - Unlike a typical air conditioning or heating unit a geothermal unit does not have a unit outside.
  • Environmentally Friendly - according to the EPA geothermal is the most environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home
  • Clean and Safe - geothermal does not use combustion while creating heat so there is no chance of carbon-monoxide poisoning
  • Lasts Longer - a geothermal system has a lifespan of 15+ years where a typical furnace will last 7 to 10 years with regular maintenance
  • Good Investment - although the initial cost of a geothermal unit is higher over time they will generate a positive cash flow from reduced energy consumption.