A more energy efficient alternative to traditional heaters is a heat pump. At Reliable Air Conditioning we are happy to provide you with recommendations on having a new heat pump installed or provide you with reliable heat pump services.

Benefits of a Heat Pump:

  • Improved Efficiency - heat pumps use ground or air temperature to change the temperature in your home so they use less energy and are more efficient.
  • Cost Savings - Using less fuel to operate means your energy bill be reduced each month
  • Environmentally Friendly - Switching to a heat pump and improving efficiency will in turn reduce your carbon footprint.
  • More Options - Heat pumps are available to operate using several different energy sources including gas, electric, and even solar power.

Heat Pump Repairs:

Another advantage of having a heat pump is it has less moving parts when compared to a traditional heater. This means there is less maintenance involved in keeping your system up and running with fewer breakdowns and repairs. If you do experience a problem call the heat pump experts at Reliable Air Conditioning for fast and dependable heat pump repairs.