If you start noticing a drop off in the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system, there is a good chance your ducts have something to do with it. Even if you haven't noticed a change in the performance of your system chances are you are losing 30% or more of the operating efficiency of your air conditioning unit to leaks or damaged air ducts. These leaks or cracks in your air conditioning ducts are causing your heating and cooling costs to increase. To get the most efficiency from your home heating and cooling system, call the professionals at Reliable Air Conditioning in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Queen Creek Arizona today to find out more about our duct repair services.

Residential Air Duct Problems

The symptoms of an air conditioning duct problem are often the same symptoms common with other air conditioner problems. In most cases it could be either one but your problem could be with the ductwork. One of the common issues is when your home is heating or cooling unevenly. Whether the problem is with your ducts or with your air conditioning system, you will need a professional to come out to diagnose and repair the problem.

A sudden drop in the effectiveness of your home air conditioning system can indicate that there is something wrong and could be associated to your air ducts. Regardless of what you think the problem is with your air conditioning system, it is important to call a reliable air conditioning repair service immediately. Allowing the issue to continue will only lead to additional problems caused by the additional stress placed on the unit to make up for the failure, potentially costing you even more later on.