A whole home dehumidifier is a more effective and efficient way to remove humidity from your home or office than using a portable unit. In addition to being more energy efficient you also don't have to empty buckets everyday. A whole home dehumidifier is out of sight and out of mind with quiet operation, and a easy set it and forget it humidity level. Most whole home dehumidifiers can operate independently of the central heating and air system and will maintain a very consistent humidity level throughout the home making your indoor comfort more consistent.

Should you get a whole house dehumidifier:

If your homes humidity is above 45 to 50 percent you should consider a dehumidifier for your home. It is important to manage your homes humidity closely. Having too much humidity can cause problems with mold and other bacteria causing health problems or concerns. Typically a home with higher humidity levels will require a whole house dehumidifier because a smaller portable unit will not be able to keep up with the demand of your entire home and it will not remove the humidity evenly throughout the structure.

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