Professional AC Filter Replacement

To keep your air conditioning unit running perfectly for years to come, you need to have your AC filters to be changed consistently ensuring that they don't become overly clogged between changes. As you operate your air conditioning or heating system the air handler circulates the air from inside of your home through your air filter then disperses that air throughout the home. The filter catches irritants such as dust, dander, and other small particles preventing them from entering your air conditioning unit and your ductwork. This is an important task as these elements can cause damage to other parts of your air conditioning system including the evaporator coils, fan motor, wiring, and much more. That is why we recommend a regularly scheduled AC filter replacement regiment, so you can enjoy the benefits of a properly working AC unit without the headaches associated with remembering to replace the filters each month.

How often should you replace your AC filter?

When your air filters are dirty, change them. It is really that simple but determining how often to change your filter depends on several factors:

  • Type of filter your A/C system requires
  • The overall air quality of your home
  • If you have pets
  • Number of people living in the house
  • and more....

Air filters are inexpensive and can't be changed too often, for that reason we recommend changing your air filter every month as they provide a lot of protection for the parts inside your air conditioner and improve your indoor air quality.