Our commercial grade outdoor misting systems can actually cool an outdoor area by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This significant cooling effect provides an area of mist or fog the covers your outdoor space making hot 105 degree days feel like it's "Sunny and 75".

Types of Misting Systems

  • Residential Misting Systems
  • Commercial Misting Systems
  • Animal Misting Systems

How Do Misting Systems Work?

Misting systems work through the evaporation of water. It is really just basic physics, because water absorbs heat when it evaporates. Our outdoor misting systems use that same process to cool the air, many people believe that using an outdoor misting system will cause the patio and outdoor furniture to become wet. However that is not the case as a quality outdoor misting system uses a high pressure misting pump and properly sized tubing and spray tips to create a fine enough mist that it will completely evaporate almost instantly. Our highest quality pumps produce 1000 PSI of pressure creating millions of droplets per second quickly reducing the temperature by up to 30 degrees.

How Much Cooling Can You Expect?

How much cooling you can expect from a outdoor misting system is determined by the outdoor temperature and the relative humidity. For example on a 105 degree day with 5% humidity you would get a 34.4 degree cooling effect but on a 95 degree day with 20% humidity you would get a 24.1 degree cooling effect. A typical misting system will cool the air for about 15 feet away from the spray nozzles so if you are looking to cool a larger area you can also attach misters to a fan to increase the cooling range of the system.

Installation of Misting Systems

Misting systems are available for residential, commercial, and animal applications. They can help keep you, your customers, and your furry friends cool during the hot Arizona summers and make using the space outside your home or business more enjoyable. We have a large range of high-pressure misting systems and accessories available to create a cooling effect for your home or business.

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